Father Albert Shuyaka is a Congolese priest who studied at St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo, California.  During his studies, he made many friends in the USA.  After his graduation in 2011, he returned to the Catholic Diocese of Tshumbe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to begin his ministry.  Then in 2012 he returned to the USA, where he currently resides.

Father Albert on the day of his ordination.

Tshumbe is a rural diocese, located 560 miles to the east of the Congolese capital, Kinshasa.  Nicholas Djomo, the Bishop of Tshumbe, coordinates schools, orphanages, and hospitals, in addition to the religious life of his people.  He even maintains roads and builds bridges with money from the Congolese government.

This website is sponsored by his friends who want to spread the word about his ministry and the needs of the Tshumbe people. It describes the mission of Father Albert, Bishop Djomo, and the Catholic Church in Tshumbe.  Read on to discover more about what the Church is doing and how you can help.


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